“Yep, I know what it’s like…”


Being an introvert, that is.

It’s already enough that leaving the house, even for something as simple as a very necessary, routine grocery shopping trip, can be like pulling teeth… a “ritual” that you have to LITERALLY psyche yourself up for.

Now factor in the element of a home-based business, then

… TOP THAT OFF with people CONSTANTLY telling you that in order to succeed in it, you gotta:

  • GO TO hotel meetings
  • INVITE PEOPLE OVER to home parties
  • WALK UP TO people in stores
  • MAKE SMALL TALK with restaurant servers
  • COLD CALL realtors and other professionals

ugh… I’m shuddering & getting queasy just typing this out.

And because you HATE the very IDEA of doing those things… you have NOT had success in your Network Marketing business.

Again, I know… I’ve been there too.

But NOW, all I can say is…


And to the geniuses who figured out ways to do pretty much the same stuff we’ve been taught to do in the
“old school” ways of NWM using a “new school” APPROACH… ONLINE – thank you!

Up until having discovered those newer methods, I was ‘stuck like Chuck’, and ‘lucky’ if I made 20 bucks in my business.

I could barely get people to look at my business or my products and always felt so awkward approaching people in
stores, asking folks if they kept their options open.

And I felt totally sick to my stomach and like a total HEEL calling people I hadn’t talked to in YEARS,
out of the blue, with a hidden fricken’ agenda to “form & prospect” them.

It was a disaster.

But once I learned, first of all, that I COULD build my business online, and then learned HOW to do it… WOW…
what a game changer that was for me!

I’ve been able to get customers finding and coming to ME, rather than me hunting and chasing them down and
THAT, my friend, has been such a huge blessing… an introvert’s dream come true!


There was a time when I THOUGHT I had created this whole, “Work At Home Advocate (WAHA)” thing because
of the fact that I was a stay-at-home wife & mom and wanted to help others out there like me.

But the more I think about it, the more I realize that, on a DEEPER level, I created it because I am an introvert and
for me…

Working a regular job is next to impossible.

I mean, sure… if I absolutely HAD to, I would – I’ve done it in the past.  But if I DON’T have to, I won’t! lol

And again, I want to help others out there like me.

If you can totally feel me on that, then this site is for YOU!

And even if you’re not a fellow introvert, but you STILL wanna learn how to build your business online, then you
can definitely benefit from the information shared here.

The articles below are a great starting point!  Check ’em out…



Do’s And Don’ts of Social Media Marketing For Businesses And Beyond

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Why & How To Forward Your MLM Company Website To Your Own Domain Name

If you are in an MLM/Network Marketing company, more than likely you were provided with a company-replicated website that you can send people to so that they can place orders or even join you in business.

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Why And How To Get Repeat Customers

It’s amazing how we take things and people for granted. I’m learning a LOT in my journey as an Entrepreneur and one thing I’ve recently learned is the importance & value of Repeat Customers.

Walk into any establishment and I guarantee that, while some of the people may be first-time patrons, the MAJORITY of them are repeat customers… people who have been there before and, for one reason or another, decided to return.

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Are You Currently in the Right Home-Based Business For YOU?

Oftentimes when looking into or even signing up for a home-based business, we merely look at and focus on the earning ability of that company as opposed to what it is that we’re offering AND if that product or service is something that really, genuinely resonates with us.

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The Abundance Mentality VS The Scarcity Mentality In Your Business

Do you ever express or even think things such as…

“The market is saturated”
“Too many people are doing/selling/offering _____”
“If ____ continues to happen, I’m going to lose or not get anymore customers”

If you answered, “Yes”, then you, my dear, have a scarcity mentality also known as the “lack mentality” or “lack mindset”.

You think that there is a limited amount of money or people WITH money out there and so, you feel threatened at the mere idea of someone else doing what you’re doing, selling what you’re selling, offering what you’re offering. Read more…


7 Reasons It’s A Good Idea For Network Marketers To Focus On Getting Customers

There has been, still is, and will probably forever be an ongoing argument…“Should Network Marketers Focus More on Getting Customers or Team Members?”

And each side of the debate definitely makes their points.

All the years I’ve been involved in this industry (or as some prefer, profession) I’ve noticed that for the most part, people are recruited and told to recruit once they’ve become part of the recruited. Read more…


Why The Statement, “I Hate Selling Things”, Is a Big Crock of B.S.

photo courtesy of fanpop.com

As someone in the Network Marketing/Direct Sales Profession, I have often heard and still hear people tout those infamous words…“I Hate Selling Things” or…“I’m not good at selling”

And to that I say,“Baaa-LO-ney!

Now let me first say that, if by “sales” or “selling” you’re thinking of  going door-to-door like a vacuum salesman, then perhaps you would hate that (I know I would) but that’s not what I’m referring to.
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Working with The Seasons in Your Business

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