Do you ever express or even think things such as…

“The market is saturated”

“Too many people are doing/selling/offering _____”

“If ____ continues to happen, I’m going to lose or not get anymore customers”

If you answered, “Yes”, then you, my dear, have a scarcity mentality also known as the “lack mentality” or “lack mindset”.

You think that there is a limited amount of money or people WITH money out there and so, you feel threatened at the mere idea of someone else doing what you’re doing, selling what you’re selling, offering what you’re offering.

Maybe it goes deeper.  Perhaps you feel that you or your product or services are inadequate and that what ‘they’re’ doing is better.

And if you THINK those things, you will definitely make them a reality!

I’ve been there and trust me, you will find yourself in constant competition and fighting and scraping to “make it”, and it is a mindset that you have to make a conscious effort to change.


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When you come to the realization that…

“There is MORE than enough out here for all”

“What God has for me is for ME and NO ONE can take away my blessing”

“I will attract to myself/my business those whom I am meant to attract”

That is considered having an ABUNDANCE mentality (or abundance mindset) and YOU will manifest that reality where you will attract more and more customers, clients, or business partners!

A ‘Hairy’ Situation

Now, what triggered me even wanting to write this post in the first place was someone (a hair stylist) on social media complaining about a type of hair extension that she felt was going to cause more women to do their hair at home themselves and in turn, take money out of her pockets.

I mean, she was VERY negative and pessimistic about the whole thing, even when another stylist tried to give her another perspective – which was that he had used the hair (on his clients) and that it was great.

As I observed her comments, all I could do was shake my head.

I just felt like… rather than fight against it (because honey, women have been and will forever continue to do their own hair… or get a “kitchentician” to do it) CAPITALIZE on it, work WITH it, and find a way to make it work in YOUR favor!

You know what I’m saying?

• Offer the service of doing that particular style for the women in your local area or, get yourself a blog or video channel and give tips on the do’s and don’ts of doing that particular style for those women who AREN’T in your local area or those who are, but aren’t going to come to you anyway. And ON that blog or video…

• Have ads or some related product(s) you can generate commission from – one way is to see if you can find a way to SELL that hair they’re buying!  And because you’re an expert stylist sharing your knowledge & expertise OUTSIDE of your salon chair, when those who DIY finally decide to allow someone else to do it, guess who they’ll go to (provided you’re local to them)? And of finally…

• Simply don’t fret over it because, for every woman who chooses to do her hair at home, there are 5 more who DON’T want to and would much rather pay YOU to do it for them.

And that goes for YOU too!

*Well, perhaps not the hair part, unless you’re a stylist too.*

But if you’re a Network Marketer, the same idea applies to you too!

For example: I am in the health & weight loss side of MLM.  Do you have any idea just how many other companies are out there with the same type of product line?

Here, let me give you an idea…

And this doesn’t even scratch the surface!

Do you realize that even within my company, there are MANY other associates?

Not only that, but what about NON-MLM companies that offer similar products for less cost?

Well guess what?

NONE OF THAT MATTERS and it certainly does NOT stop my customers from finding and coming to ME!

Common scarcity mentality words uttered by Network Marketers

Here are a few common ways that scarcity-minded Network Marketers tend to think, along with ways to counter it if you happen to find yourself thinking or saying these things.

Scarcity Mindset: They’re going to steal my ‘downline’
ABUNDANCE Mindset: No one can “steal” anyone from you!  People have their own minds and will do what they want. As quickly as one person leaves, they can be replaced by another

Scarcity Mindset: “The market is too saturated”
ABUNDANCE Mindset: There are new people coming online or in your local area ALL the time who have NEVER heard of your company, product or services

Scarcity Mindset: “There are too many people in my area who are in (insert company)”
ABUNDANCE Mindset: There are new people coming online or in your area ALL the time who have NEVER heard of your company, product or services

Scarcity Mindset: “People won’t buy from me when they can get it cheaper elsewhere”
ABUNDANCE Mindset: There are people who will pay top dollar for quality products & services.  Don’t limit yourself to only those who are always looking for a deal.  Just present the SOLUTION what you offer provides to your target audience

Scarcity Mindset: “People I know can’t afford/won’t pay to buy this”
ABUNDANCE Mindset: Who says you have to ask those you know?  Stop limiting yourself and think bigger!  You can reach people far and beyond your immediate circle.  But even if you approach them, people will find ways to afford what they want to

Those are just a few, as there are many others, but hopefully those will get you off to a good start in changing your thinking if you happen to be struggling with the scarcity mentality!

One other thing you can do the next time YOU find yourself thinking that there is a shortage of customers, clients, or money for YOU out there is to (during hours of operation) take a drive or walk down to your nearest or favorite fast food restaurant.

– Are there other restaurants within the vicinity?

– Are there cars in each parking lot of each establishment?  

– Are there people inside of each establishment?  

I’m willing to bet that you saw a cluster of restaurants nearby one another AND they each had patrons inside, didn’t they?

But, how can that be?

Because… people like what they like and will go where they like!

And so it is with YOUR business and like those guys, it shouldn’t affect YOU one bit because as long as you are doing the necessary work and providing the BEST value to your market that you can…

You WILL attract those you are meant to attract!

So stop focusing on what other companies or Reps are doing.

Get off of social media (unless you are marketing & promoting and once you’re done… GET OFF!), put your head down and focus only on what YOU need to do in order to build your business!

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