Why You Should Want To Have Repeat Customers

It’s amazing how we take things and people for granted.

I’m learning a LOT in my journey as an Entrepreneur and one thing I’ve recently learned is the importance & value of Repeat Customers.

Walk into any establishment and I guarantee that, while some of the people may be first-time patrons, the MAJORITY of them are repeat customers… people who have been there before and, for one reason or another, decided to return.

And that’s what YOU want in your business as well.

Of course it’s good to get new customers, but I personally don’t feel your business should rely solely on new customers; there should be a balance.

As you may or may not know, I am in a health and wellness-based MLM/Network Marketing company and something else I’ve learned being in this type of company is that; during the holiday season, health, wellness, and weight loss is kinda slow because people WANT to eat & enjoy their holiday fare.

So while my income in my business didn’t come to a complete stop, it definitely slowed down a bit.  Thankfully it began to pick back up AFTER Christmas was over! PHEW!

But anyway, back to repeat customers…

So what I saw was that, the majority of my income, during that slow season, came from my REPEAT customers.


And not all of them are necessarily on autoship.  Some of them are and some of them are not, as they don’t want the monthly commitment, but they still order from me pretty regularly.

And let me tell ya… if it weren’t for them, I would have been SOL! lol

But aside from that, you want repeat customers because:

  1. Satisfied, repeat customers are the lifeblood of your business
  2. Customers who order again and again are more likely to refer others to you
  3. If you’re in MLM/Network Marketing, repeat customers make GREAT team members, as they have a lot of experience with and love for the products; making it easier for them to share it with others and get paid to do so!

How To Get Repeat Customers

A few of the things I do for my customers are:

  • Send them a “Thank You” email as soon as I get wind that a new customer placed an order
  • I created a customer website that has videos and documents (tip sheets) to help them get the most out of the products
  • I created a (secret) FB group where they can come and get support, questions answered, etc.
  • I call new customers one week after they’ve ordered to see if they got their order, if they got the email I sent them, and if they have any questions.  I also take this time to get to know a little more about them, their goals, and if I can make other product recommendations to help them reach those goals.

But lately I’ve been feeling as though I want to start thinking of MORE ways to show my appreciation and gratitude for my repeat customers.

repeatcustomerthankyoucardexampleShowing Appreciation For Repeat Customers

This is just me thinking out loud and perhaps YOU may want to consider this as well:

  • Hand written “thank you” card mailed via “snail mail”
  • Free product sample (where applicable)
  • A free product (full)
  • Discounts on their next purchase of one of their favorite, most ordered product

What suggestions do YOU have to show appreciation to repeat customers?

The bottom line to getting repeat customers (as well as recommendations from them) is to help them get results with your product or service!

Now keep in mind that…

Some customers aren’t receptive to all of that.

Some won’t take you up on your offers of support – they just want their product and that’s that.

And that’s okay!  *I* had to learn that it’s okay.

I used to actually take it to heart and start wondering, “What am I doing wrong?

Not anymore.

So just focus on helping those who WANT the help, and be there for those who do not want help at THIS time – they may come to you later… don’t get salty and blow them off! lol

'Til next time... bye for now!


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