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Straightforward, No Chaser Tips For Selling Valentus Products

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“Straightforward, No Chaser Tips For Selling Valentus Products”

I hope that from this article, you get at least one golden nugget that helps you immensely in your Valentus business!

selling valentus

And on that note… there is a common dilemma I’ve seen among many Valentus Reps
(not ALL, but many)

And that dilemma is…

Problems selling the coffee.
(and the other stuff too)

Now, nine times out of ten, you’ve probably been told… instructed… advised to:

  • Make a list of your friends and family and tell them about your products and to possibly even…
  • Private message people on Facebook to see if they “may” be interested.  And perhaps you were told to…
  • Approach strangers via the 3-foot rule or when you go out to eat

And those things work for some people and may or may not have worked for you.
(DID they work for you?)

But I’m almost certain that… the advice you’ve been given is actually part of the problem.

Ohh my”


And the reason I say that is because, most people go about it the wrong way.  They go about it in a way that is either super pushy, super intrusive, super annoying, or all of the above!

Plus, while reaching out to friends & family can work, it only goes but just so far… it’s a good “kickstart” but should NOT be relied upon long term.

And when it comes to messaging people on Facebook who haven’t asked to be messaged… at least not about your business, products or services…

… that will also put knocks against you as far as the annoyance factor and if you contact the wrong “friend”, you may find yourself reported to Facebook for unsolicited advertising – a.k.a. spam.

And don’t even get me started on approaching people you don’t even KNOW in stores.

So, how can you make the advice of your upline work IN your favor?

By getting people to COME TO YOU & ASK YOU for more information!

How do you DO that?

***Hey, this article IS a bit long’ish so… if you’d rather to listen to this than read it, watch the video below!***


Okay first, let’s break down each of aforementioned ways to get the word out:

1. Selling Valentus To Friends & Family

A long while ago, I did a series called: “How To Approach Your Warm Market Without Looking Like An A$$“. You may wish to take a look at that when you have time.

But basically you’ll want to allow it to come up casually in conversation.  I mean think about it.

Most times when you speak with someone on the phone (especially someone you don’t talk to on a REGULAR/regular basis) there’s always going to be the whole, “So, what’ve you been up to?” question.

When they ask you that, share any new & exciting news (someone got married, went to college, starts high school, etc.) and THEN something along the lines of…

Do you recall the last time you saw me how much weight I had gained? Well I’m so happy that I’ve FINALLY been able to lose some weight and KEEP it off!  And as a result, my blood pressure has gone down tremendously and the doctors are all astonished!

Now, what do you think they’re gonna say to that?  If they, themselves are having challenges with any of that aforementioned, they’re gonna ask, “HOW DID YOU DO IT?  WHAT DID YOU DO?

And THAT, my friend, is the best opening – not to begin throwing up all over them and giving TMI, but instead…

YOU: “You’re not gonna believe this, but it was from drinking coffee!

THEM: “Coffee?? What kind of coffee?  Any ‘ole coffee?

YOU: “No, definitely not my usual (insert favorite commercial brand), but there’s this healthy coffee that is designed to help curb your appetite, boost your metabolism, and improve your overall health.  I started drinking it, along with drinking a few other beverages (IF you also utilized some of the other Valentus products to achieve your results) and within (insert time period it took to start seeing results) I began to notice that (insert results you first began noticing).”

**and please don’t try to use that as an ACTUAL SCRIPT, but just as a guide… let your conversation flow naturally**

Then if they are genuinely interested, they’ll ask you more and you can respond with, Well let me get some information over to you that will really explain how this all works.

And then you give them your tool – video, website, etc. And if you want to, you can offer to mail/bring them a sample or two.

Now, that’s an ‘offline’ approach. But since MOST of us have fingertip access to our warm market right on Facebook, it can be as simple & easy as posting any significantly-compelling results you’ve gotten from using the coffee and/or other items.

2. Selling Valentus By Utilizing Facebook

Those on your friends list that know you, especially if they KNOW the weight and/or health challenges you’ve had in the past (even if recently) will be impressed when they see pictures of the slimmer you or when you post testimonies of how your ALC numbers have improved or the fact that your meds have been cut in half or you’ve been taken off of them, period!

And you don’t even have to say, right off the bat, “Drinking Valentus Slim Roast Coffee has helped me to achieve ___!

It’s better to kind of leave ’em guessing and wanting to know more! Just post the before & after pic(s) and/or the results you’ve gotten. They WILL ask and when they do, just comment and say, “I’ll inbox you!” and then, inbox them!

Others who are paying attention will come along and say,

“Hey, could you inbox ME the info too?”

Now wouldn’t THAT be a refreshing change of pace?

And once they inbox message you or you them, be COOL.  Remember, you don’t want to start excitedly (translated: DESPERATELY) vomiting all over them about your products. Just as it was in the phone convo demo, so it is in the inbox.

Assure them that they don’t HAVE to give up their favorite coffee or anything else if they don’t want to starting out.
(BIG TIP: let their consistent use of product(s) gradually take away their desire for other coffees, unhealthy foods, etc.)

Tell them to simply incorporate 1-2 cups of SlimRoast per day into what they’re already doing and see what happens.

Another important thing I want you to keep in mind when sharing Valentus on social media is…

Don’t try too hard to convince people who LOVE their Starbucks, Timmy’s, etc. or are hell-bent on BREWED coffee as opposed to instant, to switch over to your healthy weight loss coffee by bashing people’s choices or putting down their decision to drink Starbucks or other commercial coffee brands.

All that does is cause people to totally IGNORE your posts!

I mean, come on now… you are well aware that people can (and DO) buy coffee for waaaay cheaper than $60 for an almost 30-day supply, right?

And even IF they spend that much or more on their “gourmet coffee”, that’s because they simply like what they like and as with anything, they don’t mind spending money on what they WANT to spend money on.

You can’t sell these folks coffee… you’ve gotta sell them the RESULTS & what the coffee can DO for them!

So instead of going the “put-down route”, simply stick to sharing YOUR results, the results of others (especially your own personal customers as they come available) and remember…

Pique curiosity rather than making your posts constantly about, “Valentus this” & “Slim Roast that.”

3. Selling Valentus By Talking To Strangers While Out & About

In my company, we have a button that says, “I lost ___ lbs. Ask me how” and it’s definitely a conversation starter, as some will read it and ask, how?

Now, I don’t believe I’ve seen buttons in Valentus (though you could go to Vista Print or somewhere and get your own made up) but I HAVE seen shirts that say, “Ask me about my weight loss coffee”.

Wearing something like that would be the best way to get the message to strangers.  Those who don’t wanna know won’t ask, and those who DO wanna know, will!

And as before, the conversation isn’t you spilling the (coffee) beans about Valentus.

It’s sharing your story – “Oh yeah, I drank 2 cups of coffee a day for 30 days and I lost ___ lbs!” Allow them to respond and if they ask for more information…

Sure thing! Let me take down your number (program it into your phone) what’s your name?  Hi Frank, I’m Lisa, nice to meet you! 🙂 So what I’ll do is text some information to take a look at and see if this is something you feel could help you. Sound good?

And if you happen to have any on hand, hand him or her a sample to try!  If not, offer to mail them one or two during the follow-up call/text.

Now, another thing you can do is to implement…

4. (BONUS TIP) Selling Valentus By Getting In Front Of People Who Are SEARCHING For What You Have!

Did you know that there are people searching online for things such as:

“where to buy slimming coffee”
“what is the best slimming coffee brand”
“can you lose weight drinking coffee”

Each to where you could introduce them to Slim Roast!

But the obvious problem is that, when people search for such terms…

They’re not finding YOU!

Don’t worry… we can CHANGE that.

I am going to walk you, step-by-step through how to do it, using same steps I took (and still take) in my business that allows customers, who want what I have to offer, to FIND ME online and in turn…

Allow me to get consistent commission checks as a result.

These are saved, voided checks after having made mobile deposits! 🙂

*Results DO vary, but just imagine results like this in YOUR business!*

The image above are commission checks I’ve received dating back to 2014 and these results were achieved NOT by approaching people and asking them to buy from me, but as a direct result of implementing my 5-Step Formula.

I want to help YOU do the same in your Valentus business!

Click Here To Get My FREE 5-Step Formula Training!

Again, I hope you enjoyed this article and I wish you MUCH success in your Valentus Business!

Feel free to pass this information along to your personal Valentus team, or anyone else you feel could benefit from it! Thanks! 🙂

Do you ever express or even think things such as…

“The market is saturated”

“Too many people are doing/selling/offering _____”

“If ____ continues to happen, I’m going to lose or not get anymore customers”

If you answered, “Yes”, then you, my dear, have a scarcity mentality also known as the “lack mentality” or “lack mindset”.

You think that there is a limited amount of money or people WITH money out there and so, you feel threatened at the mere idea of someone else doing what you’re doing, selling what you’re selling, offering what you’re offering.

Maybe it goes deeper.  Perhaps you feel that you or your product or services are inadequate and that what ‘they’re’ doing is better.

And if you THINK those things, you will definitely make them a reality!

I’ve been there and trust me, you will find yourself in constant competition and fighting and scraping to “make it”, and it is a mindset that you have to make a conscious effort to change.


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