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Do you ever express or even think things such as…

“The market is saturated”

“Too many people are doing/selling/offering _____”

“If ____ continues to happen, I’m going to lose or not get anymore customers”

If you answered, “Yes”, then you, my dear, have a scarcity mentality also known as the “lack mentality” or “lack mindset”.

You think that there is a limited amount of money or people WITH money out there and so, you feel threatened at the mere idea of someone else doing what you’re doing, selling what you’re selling, offering what you’re offering.

Maybe it goes deeper.  Perhaps you feel that you or your product or services are inadequate and that what ‘they’re’ doing is better.

And if you THINK those things, you will definitely make them a reality!

I’ve been there and trust me, you will find yourself in constant competition and fighting and scraping to “make it”, and it is a mindset that you have to make a conscious effort to change.


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4 Personality Types For MLM Network Marketing

Have you ever gotten frustrated with a prospect or lead who told you…

“I need to do my research on this before I make a decision.”

Or have you ever felt intimidated when someone said to you…

“Look, just give me the bottom line here!”

Or do you want to give up on that team member who refuses to “be coachable” and host home parties, as you keep suggesting?

Well, what you have to realize is that there are different personality types… how people are wired. Read the rest of this entry

Why Do I Need An Autoresponder

Have you ever wondered,

Why do I ‘NEED’ an autoresponder in my business? Can’t I just use Gmail?

Well, the following video is going to show you a prime example of why you need an autoresponder in your business and why it’s best to NOT use Gmail or any other free email account in an attempt to build an email list for your business.

Oh, and just so you know…

An autoresponder is basically a tool that helps you to:

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Why and How To Forward Your MLM Website To Your Own Domain Name

If you are in an MLM/Network Marketing company, more than likely you were provided with a company-replicated website that you can send people to so that they can place orders or even join you in business.

The video below is going to share with you why you should forward the URL (web address) of that site to YOUR OWN domain name, as well as, how to do it!

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