7 Reasons Its A Good Idea For Network Marketers To Focus On Getting Customers

There has been, still is, and will probably forever be an ongoing argument…

“Should Network Marketers Focus More on Getting Customers or Team Members?”

And each side of the debate definitely makes their points.

All the years I’ve been involved in this industry (or as some prefer, profession) I’ve noticed that for the most part, people are recruited and told to recruit once they’ve become part of the recruited.

It wasn’t until the last 3-4 years or so that I’ve noticed more actual retail SALES happening… even in my own business.

I used to feel as though it was more (MOST, even) important that I build a team than to build a strong customer base.

Nowadays, my focus has shifted, as has many others.

So, today, I’m not here to debate which is better, which one you “should” be doing the most of.  I’m just going to lay out what I feel are…

7 Reasons It’s A Good Idea For Network Marketers To Focus On Getting Customers

… and you can take them for what they’re worth and do with the following suggestions what you please:

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  1. It protects the integrity of your company
  2. It protects YOUR integrity
  3. Repeat customers are the life blood of your business for receiving monthly income
  4. Happy, satisfied, dedicated customers make the best team members!
  5. It’s easier for customers to get results and in turn, get you MORE customers
  6. Cuts down on objections when you DO decide to approach them to become a rep.
  7. It makes you a REAL Entrepreneur & Business Owner

Want me to expound a bit?

Well, if you know me, then you already know…

It’s SERIES time baby!  lol

Yes, I have broken each one of these down over the course of 7 individual posts where I elaborate on them in more detail.

Click Here For Reason #1

Oh… and if you desire to get more customers finding & coming to YOU, click here now to learn how!

'Til next time... bye for now!


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