social media dos and donts picEvery so often while on Facebook, I see some marketers doing things that make me absolutely CRINGE with irritation!  Actually, sometimes I feel embarrassment for them.

Some of these people are business opportunity marketers but some are people who are marketing something else whether it’s for profit of not-for profit.

So I am putting together a brief checklist of things to do and things NOT to do on social media sites such as Facebook… well, mainly Facebook:

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  • Post your link to your website (no matter what it is – business, personal, fanpage, etc.) into an existing thread.  If a discussion is going on and that discussion has absolutely NOTHING to do with you or what you’re offering or no one as asked you to or given you permission to share a link… do NOT post it!  Makes you look desperate as all get out
  • Post your link on someone else’s wall.  This is outright spam and if reported, can get your domain and possibly even YOU blocked from Facebook
  • Spam groups with your link.  There ARE some groups that are designed for marketing your business, but if the group has a specific purpose and that purpose is NOT to market your business/product/service/cause, then do NOT post your links or fliers, etc in there without permission
  • Send your link to someone’s inbox via private message UNLESS they inquired or asked you to send it to them.
socialmeadiamarketingno-no inboxinglinks

Here is a real-life example of a social media marketing NO-NO. Do NOT do what this guy did!


✔ Post and share what  you do on your OWN wall.  Now, you don’t want OVERKILL, but your wall is your wall and you are free to post your links there freely.

✔ Engage people.  Don’t just talk about business, business, business.  Discuss other things and encourage interaction from your Facebook friends.

✔ Boost or promote your posts.  This is where you can actually pay (it’s only like $7 or so) to ensure that MORE of your friends and fans see your important posts.  If you have a Facebook (Fan) Page, then it’s “boosting” and if you have just a standard Facebook profile page, it’s “promoting”.

✔ Share results.  Your message doesn’t always have to be, “Join me” or “Buy from me” but instead, share more success stories that you or your customers/team members are having.  As the saying goes, “Facts tell, stories sell“.

✔ Pique curiosity.  I do this often and the key is consistency.  I’ll say something like, “I am ready to help 5 more stay at home moms create an income from home using a simple copy+paste=profit system.  Inbox me for details” and from that, people eventually DO get curious and will inbox you.  Once they do, that is when it’s okay to share your information with them because THEY ASKED you to share it!


Here is a real-life example of one of my friends inboxing me after having seen my posts, actually ASKING for more information.

So hopefully you now have a better idea of what and what not to do when marketing on social media so that you come across as a professional as opposed to an amateur!

Learn how to market on Facebook the RIGHT way!

'Til next time... bye for now!


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