Why and How To Forward Your MLM Website To Your Own Domain Name

If you are in an MLM/Network Marketing company, more than likely you were provided with a company-replicated website that you can send people to so that they can place orders or even join you in business.

The video below is going to share with you why you should forward the URL (web address) of that site to YOUR OWN domain name, as well as, how to do it!

Check it out…

Why & How To Forward Your MLM Company Website To Your Own Domain Name

Once you’ve watched the video and you’ve chosen a domain name, enter your choice into the form below (if for any reason the form isn’t working, click here) and check to see if the name you chose is available.

#1 GoDaddy.com - Home of the $1.99 domain name

If it’s available, be sure to secure it now before someone else comes along and grabs it!

REMEMBER:  Choose a name that brands YOU, not your company, and try to make sure it is easy to remember… in other words, not too long! 😉

'Til next time... bye for now!


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