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As someone in the Network Marketing/Direct Sales Profession, I have often heard and still hear people tout those infamous words…

“I Hate Selling Things”


“I’m not good at selling”

And to that I say,

“B.S… Baa-LO-ney!”

Now let me first say that, if by “sales” or “selling” you’re thinking of  going door-to-door like a vacuum salesman, then perhaps you would hate that (I know I would) but that’s not what I’m referring to.

See, people sell ALL the time, almost every single day in one way or another and I’ll prove that below… so keep reading.

sallyhansenbamboonailsOkay, so one day I was in the bank depositing one of my commission checks and the Bank Teller (whose line I had been in before) has these beautiful nails… always long, pretty, very nicely polished and well-groomed.

Anyway, I complimented her nails one day and asked if they were her own naturally or acrylics.

She told me they were her own and I was like, “Wow, I wish mine would grow like that!” and she went on to share with me how hers didn’t always until she purchased this Sally Hansen Bamboo & Green Tea stuff and started using it.

Well guess what I did?

I went out and bought some of that stuff and now look at my nails!


They’re actually growing… on BOTH hands, which is uncommon for me.  Not since during my pregnancies and taking prenatal vitamins have my nails grown like this.


So what did she just do?

Without even thinking about it, she SOLD me on a product that she used, loved and believed in because she got results from it!

But guess what?  She’s not gonna get one thin dime from Sally Hansen nor the store I bought it from for the referral sale.

Now, imagine if she did the same thing in a business where she could get commissions for recommendations & referrals, basically… SALES.

And that’s all that Network Marketing is!

People get so intimidated by it, but it’s just simply referring or recommending a product or service to others that YOU, yourself, have come to love and believe in.

It’s what I do in my health and wellness company when I share my results with & passion for our products...

It’s what people do when they fix themselves up to look attractive for that certain someone they have a huge crush on and want to go out with…

It’s what people do when they recommend a restaurant or a movie that they really, really liked…

It’s what parents do when they try and get kids to eat certain things they don’t necessarily like…

It’s what kids do when trying to convince their parents they “need” that new game…

It’s what Pastors do when they preach… they are “selling” the congregation on why they need salvation and then…
… they go for the upsell when they try and convince them why they should make THAT church their church home.

You get the picture.

And unless you just want to recruit others into the business, you don’t have to necessarily have to go there.

Now I WILL say that not every company is created equal in that respect, so it is important that you find a company whose focus is on the value of their product and not JUST recruiting, and you can actually make a decent income from product referrals aside from recruiting!

So the next time you fix your lips to say, “I don’t like selling” remember this article!

And the next time someone says that to YOU…  SHARE this article with them and let them know that all they’re doing is trying to “sell” you on the idea that they hate selling!

'Til next time... bye for now!


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