Thank you for wanting to work with me! ūüôā

For a long time, I have been focused… pretty much solely on building a strong customer base and not even attempting to seek after business partners – at least not in the same manner that MOST people tend to do.

I once wrote an article called, “7 Reasons It’s A Good Idea For Network Marketers to Focus On Getting Customers” and one of the 7 reasons I gave was…

#4: Happy, satisfied, dedicated customers make the best team members!

Although it’s been a year since I wrote that article, I STILL hold to that because, in my opinion, they have more longevity & sticktoitiveness.

Also, I’ve found out over the years that…

… when you approach people with the business side of Network Marketing, in addition to ALL the countless other objections, they typically love to ask,

Have YOU made money with this?

And yeah, you can tell them until you’re blue in the face how much money THEY¬†can make, how much money your upline makes, or how much money Larry, Curly and Moe are making… but at the end of the day, they ARE going to ask you that infamous question.

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And when they do, if you¬†haven’t made anything just yet, what will you tell them?

Unless you are a heavy-hitter in Network Marketing, obtaining money-oriented results is going to take time.

But you can obtain PRODUCT-ORIENTED results much faster than a monetary ones!

And from there you can:

  • Share that result¬†with others
  • Start MAKING MONEY¬†by helping those seeking¬†similar results¬†and THEN…
  • Share with others how they can generate an income too by doing what YOU did it!

Make sense?

Do you STILL want to work with me in business?

If¬†my personal philosophy when it comes to¬†team building makes sense to you and you are still¬†interested in partnering with me in my business,¬†the first step is simply to…

Become a customer first.

Find out more about the products and see whether or not they are something you can TRULY get behind and feel good about offering to others…

Get on the products yourself and be consistent & diligent with them…

Obtain a result from using the products that you can share with others so that you can THEN sign up to become a rep, promote your results, and start generating an income.

So again, in order to work with me in my business,¬†click here and we’ll go from there!